Industry Partner Membership (formerly Friends of IREM)

The objective of the policy is to further enhance the relationships with professional "Industry Partners" through acceptance and conformance with those parameters as set forth by this Chapter. The following page list the current Industry Partner Members and the Southern New Jersey Chapter encourages you to support our Industry Partner Members. For more information contact the chapter office at # 856-829-8939 or [email protected]

1. The categories should consist of a mix of vendors and not limited to any particular type, providing they
are related to the property management industry.

2. Friends may become eligible after a written introduction is provided to the committee or chapter
administrator. After such interest is expressed an application must be completed. A CPM must complete
the top portion of the application before forwarding it to the Friend. The completed application should
be forwarded to the committee or chapter administrator with the appropriate
fee. The annual fee is $375 and will be refunded should the application be rejected. 

3. There should be a standing committee to encourage participation in and regulation of the Industry Partner Membership program. This committee will consist of the chapter president, two directors which may be candidates, and a chairperson. This chairperson shall be appointed by the chapter president. The purpose of this committee will be to review applicants credentials, and character, prior to approval and then to issue approval.

4. Any issue concerning an Industry Partner should be presented to the Industry Partner Membership Committee, who
will review the situation with the person involved to determine an appropriate course of action. Final decision, should expulsion be recommended, lies with the Executive Council.

5. Total number of Industry Partner Members should not exceed 100% of the chapter membership.

6. There is no limit to the number of meetings Industry Partner Members may attend, however it should be understood that
our functions are meant for the purpose of building relationships and conducting chapter business. Voting on motions presented at the meeting is strictly prohibited unless one holds the CPM designation and is a member in good standing.

7. Industry Partner Members are subject to an annual service fee of $375.00. Cost of meals when attending monthly meetings is in addition to the service fee.

Please Note:
All Industry Partner Member companies are required to participate in the following events/activities each year in order to be invited to renew their participation in the Industry Partner program for the following year:
1. Participate in the IREM Tri-State Conference 
2. Attend at least one of the four chapter meetings/events throughout the year

The chapter office will inform any Industry Partner Member by September of each year, if they have not yet met this requirement.

Industry Partner Application